Potemora in the… Year’s Best Fantasy, Vol. 2!

Super excited (and still a little disbelieving) to announce my first ever sale to a Year’s Best, for my June 2022 Fantasy Magazine story, “Potemora in the Triad”. The Year’s Best Fantasy, Vol. 2 is edited by Paula Guran, and it’ll be out by Tyr Books. Just realized this is my first anthology sale, reprint sale, and physical copy appearance, too!

Paula Guran sent me an e-mail that I had to reread several times. I didn’t expect it at all, since I didn’t sub Potemora to a portal for consideration, but also, I didn’t expect this career goal to happen to me for many years. In my mental goals category, Year’s Bests happen to the many authors I look up to, not to me!

And the TOC of writers I’ll be published alongside– holy moly! Everyone is so incredible!!

My many many thanks to Arley and Christie of Fantasy Magazine for believing in Potemora, to Paula Guran for selecting it, to my crit partners who helped me hone it, and to everyone who has read the piece and loved it. I love this story, and I think it’s the best, and most ambitious, short story I’ve written as of yet. I’m so excited that it’ll be reaching a new audience in The Year’s Best Fantasy.


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