Short Fiction

Mochi, With Teeth,” Diabolical Plots, May 2022.

A woman tries to reconnect with her heritage using nothing but a thrifted old spellbook and a package of mochi. Bonus: my first sale ever! 

Recommended in M. A. Blanchard’s #sfstoryoftheday.

“Potemora in the Triad,” Fantasy Magazine, June 2022. Forthcoming.

A girl, a giant snake god who is also her dad, endless desert, and teeth. Bonus: a diamond sword. Bonus bonus: the most indirect story I’ve ever written.


your subcutaneous mermaid,” Strange Horizons, May 2022.

You, but also the tiny little mermaid that swims around in your veins…

Inextricable,” Apparition Literary Magazine, July 2021. Under pseudonym ‘Venne Hrzaan.’

A lone astronaut in space, and their uncanny thistle plant…